Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Ryan Thomas Smelle / "Story to Tell"


The Skinny Review:
The latest single from Ryan Thomas Smelle is an emotional one, dedicated to feelings of grief. It's a song that all listeners can relate to in their own way, and is accompanied by a video that you'll want to pay close attention to.

In Their Own Words:
“Written the day after having to unexpectedly say goodbye to my four legged buddy. Not the first time I’ve had to say farewell to a pet, but there is always a period of numb. I also had a friend, at that time, succumb to his battle with cancer and those two things inspired this song.

There is an unmistakable feeling when in grief where things just don’t seem to matter. I put pen to paper and the lyrics reflect it. There have been many who have connected with this song, emotionally, and made their own personal connections to the lyrics. These comments have inspired me to release it as my third single off of ‘In The Homestretch’.”

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