Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Ryan Thomas Smelle / "Easier Said Than Done"

New single from Ryan Thomas Smelle, "Easier Said Than Done"

The Skinny Review:
Here's another single from Ryan Thomas Smelle from his recent EP, In The Homestretch. This one spans a few genres, including indie rock and indie pop. It comes together as a catchy song with lots of melody that a lot of different audiences will enjoy.

In Their Own Words:
“Everyday we plan to get things done and there is always a list of things we put off ‘til tomorrow. I penned this tune 20 plus years ago and when I was picking songs for ‘In The Homestretch’, I dived into my back catalogue and revamped this tune.

Now having my own studio, I was able to record all the parts myself and the bass line totally drives this song. There is a definite laid back vibe to this one and it seems to be the track that resonates with a lot of my listeners.”

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