Friday, July 7, 2023

Ryan Thomas Smelle / "Love Monkeys"


The Skinny Review:
Not only is "Love Monkeys" a meaningful song about first falling in love, it's also a fun and catchy one. It's no wonder that it's a favourite at Ryan Thomas Smelle's live shows, since it's easy to learn and sing along to. Give it a listen for yourself, and see if you don't start singing it by the end.

In Their Own Words:
“This song and video are 15 years in the making. When my wife and I were first dating, I had bought these stuffed monkeys that were hugging each other and in a flash of about 5 minutes I penned this song for her. Over the years I’ve played this song, and it’s changed and morphed quite a bit. Everyone who ever hears it loves it. I do play this song quite frequently live and people seem to be singing along by the end despite never hearing it. It is really a nod to those feelings you get when you are first falling in love or in that exciting phase of a new relationship.”

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