Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Ryan Thomas Smelle / "Shame Shame"


The Skinny Review:
The latest from Ryan Thomas Smelle is the first single from his new live album, Songbird Sessions Volume I. It's more stripped back than previous releases, giving a raw appeal to the sound that is well-matched to the lyrics. The vocals and guitar complement each other perfectly, punctuating the emotion behind the words.

In Their Own Words:
“It’s exhausting to see how everyone seems close minded to others’ own religious beliefs. “Shame Shame” is a little bit of a rant to practice what you preach. It’s OK to have a difference of opinion and still be respectful and kind.

I was noodling around on a guitar that was tuned down a whole step and came up with these strange sounding chords.  The lyrics fell into place quickly and took a life of their own. I thought I’d record it as a live jam for SSOS (Songbird Sessions on Sundays), but just picked up a guitar tuned normally to play the root chords.  All it took was one take and voila. I listened back and was shocked at how raw and straightforward it was.  There is a drive to the manner in which I played it that I can’t quite repeat, and it is oddly timed in the breaks that there is no way to add a rhythm or percussion part. So I kept it as is and it definitely works.  (It has been mentioned to me on several occasions that this tune is a favourite off of ‘In The Homestretch’). ”

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