Thursday, February 10, 2022

Ryan Thomas Smelle / "Novel Study"

New single from Ryan Thomas Smelle, "Novel Study"

The Skinny Review:
This song has a great indie folk sound, with an acoustic guitar style that grabs you and brings you along for the ride. There's something somewhat soothing about the vocals and music together, and it works really well.

In Their Own Words:
“Novel Study was written about my 4 favourite children’s books from when I was a kid. It was a challenge to sum up an entire novel in 2 lines, but it works.Having just built my own studio during the pandemic and still learning the in’s and outs of recording, I enjoyed including the horns and keys to fill out the sound. Technology has come so far. Being able to add elements I hear in my head, on my own, has opened up so many options when devising and writing a song.

Spending hours and hours mixing your own tunes can make them tiresome to the ear, but not Novel Study. There is something magical about this track that makes one love it a little more with each listen.”

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